November 14, 2011

News: Michael Brandon Named VP

Is Michael Brandon going corporate on us!? Not exactly, but the porn superstar was just picked to be vice president of 9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant. And no, the lube wasn’t named after his appendage (so famous that he named it Monster!). “That’s the really crazy thing,” Brandon says. “This company had already decided to name their products 9X6 before signing me on board, and the design was also already in place. So besides the fact that it happens to be the best lube I’d ever used in my life, how could I say no when the name, bottle and design is all such a great representation of all that is Michael Brandon?”

A good (rhetorical) question from the star of movies such as this and the director of movies such as this. And a public jacker on a cruise like this. Brandon announced his latest gig by dressing up as Mr. 9X6 Lube and showing up last week at the popular Cocktails With the Stars event at Micky’s in West Hollywood. He’s also dubbed this product a “full-on revolutionary technology in masturbation materials.” Sounds like it’s time for a (solo) test-drive, guys! For more information and a free sample offer, visit

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