May 15, 2012

News: Peters Twins to Retire

A set of famous (or is it infamous!?) identical-twin models is packing it in…together! Bel Ami has announced that the Peters Twins are ending their joint porn career. Milo and Elijah Peters made a splash in this film in 2009, and controversy seemed to follow them as they grew, er, closer and closer. During their time working for the studio, they increased membership at its Web site by 25 percent and sold more than 20,000 copies of their Taboo title. (In gay porn sales terms, those are huge numbers.)

“The Peters Twins are without doubt a porn phenomena,” a company publicist says. “They are still young guys and feel it’s time to focus 100 percent on their studies and their future outside of the adult world—a move Bel Ami has always been supportive of and one that they have helped facilitate.” The brothers’ final four scenes are set for release in the coming months, and their farewell scene will be a duo. Just the two of them. Lord only knows what they have in store for their fans! For more information, visit

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jimbo324 said...

'Lord only knows what they have in store for their fans...' They actually have plans for a life and considering their relationship, will never be lacking for company. Good luck to them.