June 14, 2012

News: Erik Rhodes Dead at 30


It’s a sad day for gay porn as Falcon Studios has confirmed the passing of superstar Erik Rhodes. The New York–based model is believed to have died of a heart attack in his sleep early this morning. He had turned 30 in February. Rhodes worked with the San Francisco–based Falcon for eight years as an exclusive. He debuted in 2004’s Super Soaked and went on to appear in more than 30 films, including Fleet Week, Ringside and Pledgemaster: The Hazing. He also directed eight movies for the studio’s Mustang line.

In an official release, Falcon states, “Erik was an equally beautiful human being who lit up a room, and brought fun and joy to our studio and his fans that was unparalleled. He was a giving person with a special wit, and he put his all into every performance. [Erik, we] are celebrating your life and your achievements, but we will miss you and all the special moments you have given us forever.”

As news of his death spread, friends, fans and industry vets immediately started weighing in on Twitter with fond memories of the porn icon. And although he will be remembered for his award-winning body of work (and some of the fun, crazy things he did), Rhodes was often known more for his private life and the personal demons that haunted him. In his online blog, the buff bodybuilder was brutally honest about his bouts with drug abuse, depression and addiction.

On a personal note, we only met him once at a GAYVN event in San Francisco, where the above pic was taken in 2008. He was a big, strapping man who commanded much attention, seemingly to his own surprise. We hope that he’s finally found the peace that eluded him in life.

Falcon has created a special “Celebrating Erik Rhodes” memorial page on the studio’s blog where fans can leave messages for Erik and his loved ones. To leave your message, click here.

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jimbo324 said...

Porn stars are flawed like the rest of us. However, so many are blessed with good looks, great bodies and I would assume, some level of intelligence and the best they can do with these gifts is f*ck on camera with guys they barely know...for cash. Poor Eric had a conscience that, instead of guiding him, beat him up. It makes you wish you could have taken him aside and said 'Dude, you can stop any time you want.' Along with hope he lost his self-respect. It must have been a terrible conflict- the adoration of all his fans who saw him as a sex icon and a guy who just wanted some hope for a real life.