June 18, 2002

Movie Review: Bringing Out Brother


Director: Doug Jeffries.
Cast: Rod Barry, Devon Barry, Sean Paris, Billy Kincaid, Alex LeMonde, Aaron Tanner, Colton Ford.

Rod Barry makes a stunning return to porn with a starring role in Bringing Out Brother. When Devon Barry is dumped by his girlfriend, big brother Rod invites him to visit. But what Devon winds up getting is an initiation onto the Pink Team by a true master. In the opening scene, we see a very verbal Rod putting his twink lover, Billy Kincaid, through his paces. This scene is a tour de force, and Rod, with his winning smile and abundance of charisma, elevates fucking into an art form. When the younger Barry arrives, he immediately begins fantasizing about lusty pool boy Sean Paris. These two cuties go at it with much gusto. The only thing that mars the scene is Devon’s shaved chest and pubes. Imagine how adorable this newbie would be with a bit of fur? Rod heads to the office, where All Worlds exclusive Colton Ford is working over two workers (Alex LeMonde and Aaron Tanner). The wonderfully hairy Ford proceeds to lure them into a slam-bang double fuck. This threeway is another highlight among many. In the final sequence, big Rod decides it’s time to welcome little Devon into the wonderful world of buttfucking. Some sweet, romantically lit kissing turns into a steamy flip-flop, leaving the audience to believe that brothers really should do it. Director Doug Jeffries improves with each video he makes, and Bringing Out Brother combines a strong cast with a risque plot device. There are also solid production values and good cinematography, making this a sure-fire hit.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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