June 14, 2002

Movie Review: White Trash


Director: Tony Alizzi.
Cast: Rod Barry, Trent Cougar, Clay Maverick, Bret Wolfe, Anthony Shaw, Luke Pearson, Chad Johnson, Rowdy Carson, Frieda Lay Brown, Sharon Kane.

Straight from the land of Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones comes MSR Video’s latest, White Trash. Although the high-concept box cover screams National Enquirer, this funny and twisted comedy owes more to director John Waters than anyone.

In the opening scene, garish Earlene (Rowdy Carson) sets out for the karaoke finals with her trashy friend Kitty (the hysterical Sharon Kane). She’s upset because her husband, Luther (Trent Cougar), wants to stay home and watch bad TV. But when we learn that hot nephew Jeremiah (Bret Wolfe) is coming over to give him a wet and sloppy blowjob, who can blame the guy? Jeremiah is one stud who likes to keep things all in the family, as he then proceeds to blow his cousin, Amos (supercute Rod Barry). Again, who can blame him? The pairing of Wolfe and Barry brings to mind another film classic, Deliverance, as there is much squealing and piggish behavior. Barry even spits beer at Wolfe while fucking him. It doesn’t get much trashier than this scene, but the models manage to make it work.

Meanwhile, Earlene and Kitty are serviced at the gas station by hot mechanic Duke (the beautiful Clay Maverick). After the girls go on their way, Duke gets down to business in the restroom with a horny trucker (veteran Chad Johnson) and a blond slut (Anthony Shaw). Things once again get piggy in this terrific threeway, which includes oral, anal and even some pissing.

Back home, slutty sister Candy (Frieda Lay Brown) divulges that her boyfriend, Leroy (Luke Pearson), stole a pig from the farm. Guess it’s a family favorite because Luther and Amos race over to Leroy’s to get it back. Leroy is busy jacking off, until father and son decide to rape and humiliate him. Again, there is much spitting, whipping and rough play. But fear not, these guys know how to bring home the bacon. (Sorry, that line is straight from Rick Tugger’s cornball script.)

White Trash
has an entertaining storyline, snappy dialogue and some good down-home music by Gian Franco. Director Tony Alizzi gets light, breezy performances from his attractive cast, right down to their perfectly awful Southern accents. The humor and fun never outweigh the hot and dirty sex. Who said trash was bad for you? (MSR Video)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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