June 15, 2002

Movie Review: Cornfed Boyz 1


Cast: Matt, Nate, James, A.J., Jacob.

Drew Warner’s Sports & Recreation Video branches out into the amateur field with Cornfed Boyz 1. And despite the disclaimer at the beginning, which addresses the quality of the videos the company received, Warner has nothing to apologize for. The video presents five young college-jock types who unselfishly share themselves with the camera. Matt (the most likely porn star of the bunch) stands in a field and plays with his butt. James offers a goofy grin before jacking in his bathroom. Matt and Nate (who is tattooed and pierced), the only couple in the video, engage in oral and then flip-flop in a second scene. Theirs are the most professional and hottest sequences in the video. (Looks like these two have a videographer friend!) A.J. self-consciously strips and pleasures himself, but not before showing off his great smile. And finally, Jacob has some fun with dildos. These guys are all young, cute, and smooth, and they offer what fans of the home-video craze want: real action from real people. Sure, a couple of the cum shots are out of focus and some of the lighting and video quality are below par, but that is the price to pay for authenticity. (Sports & Recreation Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2002)

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