April 25, 2007

Movie Review: Pillow Talk 3


Directors: George Duroy and Marty Stevens.
Cast: Luke Hamill, Alex Orioli, Sebastian Bonnet, Ethan Clarke, Pierre Delon, Kurt Diesel, Andre Pagnol, Matt Phillipe, Manuel Rios.

The five adorable couples in the third installment of Pillow Talk sure know how to speak the language of love. English, however, is another story! But when the models are this young, hung and appealing, who cares? Producer George Duroy (along with codirector Marty Stevens) knows how to put together a movie like almost no one else in the jizz biz. The lavish sets and locations and the sheer beauty of the guys can take your breath away. Duroy creates a world that is so perfect—not to mention hot and sexy—that viewers will want to crawl right through the screen. Kurt Diesel and Manuel Rios start the fun as a pair of shopping buddies who get serious in the sack. Matt Phillipe and Ethan Clarke also shop for sunglasses but end up sucking and fucking. Super-young newbies Andre Pagnol and Pierre Delon give a brief interview (no subtitles) then compare their big cocks before flip-flopping to great effect. Naked bartender Alex Orioli serves blondie Luke Hamill some cock and tail. But the final scene, between Sebastian Bonnet and Phillipe, is the real standout here. The handsome duo take a relaxing drive in the country in a convertible. They arrive at a lovely bucolic location where they sip champagne in an outdoor tub. The romantic atmosphere builds as they retire to an outdoor bed, where they wrestle and romp. The chemistry between the uncut cuties is palpable as they blow each other then take turns sipping bubbly out of each other’s foreskins. Yum! These two seem to have an endless supply of horniness as they move on to intense anal action (with Bonnet taking top honors) in numerous positions that are best not tried at home! The picture quality is excellent throughout (though the first scene is overly bright and tends to wash out), and the sets are alive with Bel Ami’s trademark vivid colors. Even the music has a sweet, homey ring to it. If only real life had a soundtrack—and studs—like this! (Bel Ami)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

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