April 10, 2007

New Release: Workload

Moving can be a bitch. In director Andrew Rosen’s Workload, new tenant Eddie Stone (pictured, top) discovers this firsthand when phone man Nick Capra, who is tired of being hit on by gay customers, restrains him and hangs him in the closet and then takes off. Muscular cable guy Jordan Vaughn and sexy Beaux Banner arrive at the apartment to do their work. Finding the door ajar, the guys make the most of the empty space, sucking and fucking the day away. Meanwhile, in the laundry room, Capra is still pissed off about the attention he is receiving, so he takes it out on Alan Gregory’s hole. This scene is a standout, and Capra’s performance is stunning in its power and brutality. Next door, neighbors Logan Robbins and Kevin Armstrong are getting busy in their apartment. By the final scene, Tyler Saint finds Stone all tied up and sets him free, only to pound him back into submission. This is one horny building—it must be in West Hollywood!

Starring Eddie Stone, Tyler Saint, Nick Capra, Alan Gregory, Jordan Vaughn, Beaux Banner, Logan Robbins and Kevin Armstrong. For more information, visit www.JetSetMen.com.

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