May 27, 2010

News Exclusive: Robert Van Damme’s Statement to Police


As we reported yesterday, porn superstar Robert Van Damme is currently jailed in Orange County, California, on charges of domestic violence and contempt of court. Now, has exclusively obtained a copy of the statement that Van Damme gave to police following his arrest earlier this year. In the statement, Van Damme recounts how he returned from a business trip to Chicago at the end of March. After having his nose broken in a hockey game, the Czech Republic native was in pain and tired from his travels. When an argument broke out between his wife and one of her daughters (Van Damme is not the father), he attempted to intervene and he claims that his wife responded by hitting him.

“My wife started beating me on the back and shoulders and head to get me to leave the room,” Van Damme told police. “She was pushing me out of the room while hitting me and yelling and screaming at me to leave.” Van Damme alleges that his wife grabbed a lamp and hit him in his broken nose. “The intense pain was immediate and I reacted by trying to get her away from me. My right hand hit behind me and the edge of my fingertips hit the corner of her mouth. I did not mean to hit her. I was in such pain that I simply reacted and tried to stop her from hitting me.”

Van Damme says that he left their house but then returned to get his cell phone and some money. He says his wife had his phone and proceeded to smash it in front of him. “When I walked back out of the house to leave,” he recounted, “the police were there and they arrested me. They put me in the back of the police car with handcuffs on. While sitting there I could read the monitor and saw that the screen said the 911 call came from the same number of her daughter’s phone.”

At this time, Van Damme was jailed in Huntington Beach, California. He was eventually released on bail and returned to his family until his arrest last week for missing a court appearance related to these charges. Van Damme, who started his own RVD Films last year with his wife, alleges that she has since conspired to take the company from him, denied him access to the business and shut him out of all their accounts. She has also revoked her support of his immigration status, leaving him vulnerable to deportation. Subsequently, a restraining order has been issued to keep Van Damme away from his wife and her daughters, and his wife has filed for divorce.

In his closing remarks, Van Damme admitted his wrongs. “I made a mistake that I regret,” he said. “There is no excuse for ever hitting someone, much less a woman. However now I feel that I am the victim of a terrible plot to steal my money and company.”

Van Damme will face a judge later today regarding these charges, pretrial hearing and bail. Then he will address his immigration status. We’ll have more on this developing story…


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Not much to say...but UGH! Hopefully he can get his life back on track. And it's seriously bad that he can face deportation. :-( I'm not familiar with anything that he's done but what is going on with him right now stinks to high hell.


Anonymous said...

what? he's straight? so he's gay for pay?

Anonymous said...

I knew there had to be another side to the story. From what I've seen of Mr. Van Damme, he has always conducted himself well professionally, and hopefully he can work things out in his personal life.

Anonymous said...

The explanation it is too one sided, it makes him out to be the saint in the situation. It sounds too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

Thank again Viccent U/R on top of the news, the guy dose great movies
with my no#1 guy Matt Rush. Hope all is ok for him.

jack feiry (velvet goldmine) said...

No. He's not str8. When i asked to him (on his website) which is exactly his sexual orientation, i remember clearly he answered to me:"I'M BISEXUAL. ABSOLUTLY."