May 5, 2010

Event: Colton Ford Hosts DiLF in NYC

People always ask us, “Hey, whatever happened to [fill in obscure porn star name here].” In most instances, we haven’t the foggiest. But in the case of porn superstar Colton Ford, we know exactly what he’s up to and where! After a string of successful films, such as Porn Struck 2 and Bringing Out Brother, Ford didn’t really retire from performing. He just moved on to recording albums and making excellent music (and touring and appearing in music videos with Cyndi Lauper). Now the studly stud is taking on club promotions by hosting a night with his equally humpy boyfriend. The night is called DiLF (or Daddy I’d Like to Fuck), and it’s a new weekly event at G Lounge in Chelsea (where else?). Every Wednesday starting at 10 pm, Ford and BF Angelo Peterson welcome NYC’s hottest daddies and their admirers. There’s a roster of rotating DJs, including David Marc, Johnny Mack and Ted Nieves, and the bar states that “whether you’re a boy looking to be a toy, a daddy looking to mingle with a more mature crowd or simply on an LTR mission, this party promises to satiate even the crankiest of your midweek meltdowns.”

Ford himself recently told NEXT magazine, “It doesn’t really take being in your forties to be a daddy. I think a daddy is someone who carries himself in a certain way. They have a strong sense of self, are confident in who they are authentically and don’t have to put on airs. As opposed to ‘acting’ like a man, they just are.”

And this silver fox just is! For more info, visit

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Very cool! It's always nice to here of folks that are doing well and more importantly, enjoying life to its fullest. In a word: inspirational. And they are inspirational to all of us.