May 10, 2010

Short Takes: Titan Ranch for Sale…and More

It’s moving time for Titan Media! The studio is putting one of its prime shooting locations—an 80-acre ranch about an hour outside San Francisco in Pescadero, California—up for sale. The country retreat boasts three bedrooms, two baths and two cabanas. It also has partial views of the Pacific Ocean, a private redwood forest and three streams. The asking price is more than $1.5 million, so if you want to eat breakfast on the counter where Dean Flynn banged Jay Roberts in Toolbox, it’s gonna cost ya! To see more of this amazing property, click here.…Now, we move on to a few techie items. First up, Athletic Model Guild has announced that it’s launching two mobile sites—AMG Classics Mobile and AMG Brasil Mobile—as part of a partnership with Spankmo Mobile. Each features the same content as its corresponding Web site and is formatted for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and others. The mobile sites will be updated regularly. “Now you can watch your favorite AMG models from anywhere in the world without sacrificing quality,” AMG president Dennis Bell says. “We’ve worked really hard to make sure that our studio remains on the cutting edge of technological innovations, and the mobile platform is no different.” For more information, visit…Next, Male Spectrum, producer of the Desperate Twinks and Straight Guys Take the Bait DVD lines, has started, a new site that is best seen on the iPad. “We’re offering access to an enormous amount of content, all optimized for viewing on the iPad, at a low price,” marketing director Lea Busick says. She added that the start of Male Spectrum’s mobile sites should come as no surprise to those familiar with the gay porn market. “Gay men have a high level of education on average and typically have more disposable income than their straight counterparts,” Busick says. “And they are quick to adopt new technology, media-related technologies in particular.” Yay for the gays!…Finally, Pacific Sun Entertainment has announced that customers can now rent its large catalog of hard-core gay porn DVDs by mail. The company has partnered with Oddesse Inc. to create the Pacific Sun Online Rental Store, which allows viewers to select adult DVDs online (such as the hot UK Naked Men release Are You Being Serviced?) and have them delivered via mail. It’s just like a big faggy Netflix! PacSun promises no late fees, and you can keep a movie as long as you like. Just mail the DVD back in the preaddressed envelope when you’re done and the next smutty pick on your wish list will automatically be sent to you. For more info, visit

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

MAN!!! If I only had two million dollars! Dammit! I'd love to ask: who wants to pahtay in my cabana? lol...*sniff...guess I'll go cry now into my coffee mug. What an awesome locale though...holy moly.

The later part of this post made me howl: "a faggy Netflix"? I love it! If it including more studios films I'd be all over this. But I don't see the majors going for it. Maybe later on for some of their older stuff.