December 31, 2010

Guy Candy: Ben Cohen Welcomes 2011

Okay, so it was just yesterday that we weighed in with our annual calendar roundup (and contest winner), but we couldn’t resist one more. Hey, when it comes to humpy furball Ben Cohen, none of the rules apply. This British rugby stud first captivated us a couple of years back, and because we now follow him on Twitter (follow us @VinceLambertNYC), we kinda feel like he’s a bud. So why wouldn’t we take a moment to plug our buddy’s hot new calendar for 2011? The latest edition features 15 full-size pics of Ben down on the farm with his horse and airing out his hairy pits. He even wears clothes in some shots (damn!). Oh well, as long as he showers afterward, it’ll be a merry and bright new year. For more info, visit

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