August 4, 2007

Sneak Peek: Grunts

UPDATE: Trouble with local authorities on last day of shooting for Grunts!

Raging Stallion Studios, in conjunction with adult video-on-demand company NakedSword-AEBN, is in production on it latest military epic, Grunts. The film will be released as three two-disc sets in January, March and May 2008. Its “cast of thousands” includes exclusives Jake Deckard, Justin Christopher, Billy Berlin, Roman Ragazzi, Brodie Sinclair, Steve Cruz and non-exclusives Orlando Toro, Ricky Sinz, Mason Garrett, Luke Hass, Kamrun, River Fiasco, Rafael Alencar, Trey Casteel, Dominic Pacifico, Max Schutler, Aaron Summers, Jay Mack, and RJ Danvers.

Director Chris Ward has been painstakingly blogging about the three-week shoot, which is taking place in Northern California. Here are some excerpts:

* Logistics are a principal concern—just like in the Army! We have to feed between 25 and 35 people each day, three times per day! That is over 1,000 meals! We have three cooks on staff, and Costco is going to love us.

* The first day of the Grunts shoot went very well, little drama but lots of hard work. The models are only now starting to come in. Roman Ragazzi just arrived looking better than ever, Ricky Sins came in late last night, as did Kamrun. All three of these men served in the military, so it was pretty amazing when they all confirmed that our military base looked, felt and even smelled like the real thing!

* We took our military jeep out for a drive to shoot some footage of Roman and Jake driving off to a hidden place on the base for some quick sex. As we were driving down a hill, the brakes gave out and we were all suddenly in real danger. As we approached 50 mph on a winding dirt road, we all considered jumping out, but Roman (who was at the controls) saw a field with an incline—he aimed the jeep for it and we ran up the slope until the thing came to a stop. We were nearly killed. Very exciting stuff—the kind of thing that we are all now laughing about. We were lucky.

* Week two began with a bang—the kind of explosive sex that you would expect from a military porn shoot! We all took the afternoon off (it was over 100 degrees outside, too uncomfortable to work). As evening rolled around, our grunts headed down into the pit—a huge deep hole in the ground where the Night Patrol orgy takes place.

* We ran into a few problems in the final days, but they have all been resolved. Seems like our Army base looked so real from the air that local authorities worried that we might be a group of right-wing white supremacists training for misadventure! They soon found out otherwise and everything was settled on the spot. Our filming resumed one hour later with the promise of sending one of the deputies a copy of the movie!

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