August 3, 2007

Movie Review: Private Manstars 10: Fredy Costa


Directors: Csaba Borbely and Tom Bradford.
Cast: Fredy Costa, Antonio Carrigan, Antonio Moreno, Austin Rogers, Brett Perez, Dane Michaels, Ettore Valentino, Evan Rochelle, Glenn Santoro, Matt Colmar, Tamas, Steve Hunt.

Model Fredy Costa gets the star treatment in the 10th edition of the Private Manstars series. In five scenes culled from previous releases—including Jailhouse Cock 1 and 2 and Desperate Househusbands—the pouty foreign hunk performs in a variety of duos, threeways and orgies. His partners run the gamut from okay to gorgeous, but Costa always gives his all. A couple of prison scenes find him in uniform; in one, he tops Ettore Valentino while Antonio Carrigan looks on and jacks. In the other, there is a hot threeway with Austin Rogers and Brett Perez that turns into a fiveway when two horny guards join in on the fun. Two poolside scenes are a mixed bag—one in which Costa is paired with Tamas (sexy in red trunks) is a winner, while another (with Matt Colmar as a demanding boss) is a low point. But uncut Costa still comes out shining. A bonus scene, which adds 25 minutes to the running time, featuring Costa and Steve Hunt, is a solid addition with more poolside play. In this scene, as in all the others, there is no dialogue, just lots of looped moaning that eventually grates. In another extra, Costa is interviewed (with subtitles) and we learn that he is a former auto mechanic who identifies as bisexual. You’d never know from this movie! (Private)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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