May 22, 2008

Movie Review: Desperate Househusbands 2


Tom Bradford.
Cast: Julian Vincenzo, Milan Gamiani, Jeff Halston, Lucio Maverick, Flavio Valentino, Ludovic Canot, Kevin Cage, Solten Talton, Rod Stevans, Steve Hunt, Andrew Moretti, Fred Faurtin.

From the campy acting to the melodramatic music, this frothy follow-up to Private Man’s Desperate Househusbands is good fun from start to finish. Milan Gamiani and Julian Vincenzo are residents of Pussy Willow Lane. After a private dick hired by their wives snaps pictures of them having sex with men, the guys are thrown out of their houses. This soapy setup leads Gamiani to take a job as a houseboy for a horny couple and Vincenzo to work as a bartender. Along the way, they secretly shack up together—and with others, too. Gamiani gets nailed by Jeff Halston in a hot poolside fuck, while beefy Vincenzo bangs shaggy-haired Flavio Valentino. There is also an energetic threeway with Gamiani and his new employers (Solten Talton and Andrew Moretti), which starts with him naked except for his apron! A buff Fred Faurtin shows up at the bar where Vincenzo works for a threeway with the bar back (Ludovic Canot). Five of their buds also get busy in a hot tub. The final scene finds our heroes getting the last laugh on their former wives with a plot twist that suggests another installment of this sexy soap opera is on the way. A strong cast (all wearing Ginch Gonch underwear—hmm, do we smell some product placement?) and lighthearted story line make this one a crowd-pleaser. (Private Man)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

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a pretty good movie indeed