May 28, 2008

Seen: Parker Williams at Torino Film Fest in Italy

Porn star Parker Williams has returned from the Torino International GLBT Film Festival, where his directorial debut, Lube Job, was shown and he was honored last month. Williams, who is the star of films such as The Hunted and Unspoken and was added to the Grabbys Wall of Fame in Chicago last weekend, tells that his trip to Italy was an amazing experience.

“My movie was shown at the film festival for other creative filmmakers, artists, directors from all over the world to watch and talk about,” he says. “And we spoke not of lighting and sex, not of porn stars and dicks, but of the strengths and falls of the porn industry. We spoke of the philosophy that leads into the story, and at no time was I ever made to feel lesser around the other guests or patrons of the festival. It was very surreal to be part of such an experience, including the people I met and the respect and honor shown to me.”

Following the screening, a local club sponsored a party for Williams. “I was surrounded by five boys all in glitter,” he recalls. “These European dancers had me sniffing at their asses like a dog in heat! These kids were no more than 20, hairless, athletic and fucking cute as hell as they tossed sexual comments and innuendos at me. They had a bed in the middle of the bar (pictured above) that was basically my area or stage and with the help of a professional photographer, we took pictures of anyone that wanted to get on that bed with me. Woof!” Everyone knows how thoughtful Italians can be!

“This whole thing was very fun and exciting,” Williams says. “I gave interviews to local papers and magazines, and at no time did I hear, ‘Who was your best screen partner?’ or ‘What is your best movie?’ I think out of all this adventure, the high point is knowing that Lube Job is now part of the movement for porn being accepted by the mainstream cinema.”


Anonymous said...

Eatás buenísimo macho.

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i fucking loooooove Parker Williams