May 16, 2008

Press: Erik Rhodes Lands New Unzipped Cover

The June issue of Unzipped magazine features a fetching cover photo of beefy porn superstar (and sometime blogger) Erik Rhodes, who, in his typical no-holds-barred style, admits to writer Ken Knox that he is a size queen and fondly reminisces about the time he was gang-banged by eight black guys and his hole swelled shut. And that wasn’t even for a movie!

Also in the issue, you’ll find Vincent Lambert’s review of director Andrew Rosen’s latest award-nominated release for Jet Set The F Word, which tackles the topical and touchy subject of a closeted TV star who calls a co-worker a “faggot” and ends up paying the price. Here’s an excerpt:

Reporter Penn (Jesse Santana) meets with his [gossip] source Jarred (Guy Parker). [In the movie] these two cuties have a secret deal in which they trade exclusive information for sex. So in return for the dirt he phoned in from the set, Jarred gets sucked by Penn, who deep-throats and spits all over his cock as he probes Jarred’s hole. Penn releases the beast in his jeans and Jarred does his share of sucking, too. Then the real-life couple flip-flop fucks. Hmm, wonder if this is what goes on in their bedroom at home. We’ll never know, but we can fantasize!

To read the full review, pick up the June issue of Unzipped.

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