February 29, 2008

News: Torino Film Fest to Honor Parker Williams

The Torino International GLBT Film Festival celebrates its 23rd year by honoring porn star Parker Williams. The star of films such as Woodsmen, Aftershock, The Hunted and Unspoken will present his directorial debut film Lube Job and show off his acting skills in the theatrical comedy Cell Block Q. After eight years in the industry, Williams, who has studied filmmaking, recently joined forces with fellow porn star Matthew Rush to form a new film production company named Savage that will specialize in gay entertainment.

In an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, Williams told us, “The whole thing is very exciting, and it leaves me taken back and speechless. I’m astounded that they decided to focus on me at the festival this year. It’s a pat on the back that I could have never really seen in my future.” He also says that when he first heard about the honor, he thought it was a hoax. “I have to admit that I thought the invite was a scam and that they were very possibly trying to play me for their own enjoyment, but I soon found out that it’s real and it leaves me very honored.”

Williams goes on to say that he doesn’t think the recognition is entirely without merit. “I have to proudly admit that I think I deserve this because I’ve worked very hard at doing my best. I fought not to be mechanical or look overly choreographed while taking every opportunity to teach myself the production side of the business. I studied and asked questions about things like lighting, white levels and production values. So in April, I will be in Italy having the time of my life.”

The Torino Film Festival, which is jointly organized in collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema, runs from April 17–25. For more information, visit www.tglff.com.

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