February 22, 2008

Seen: Dean Phoenix on the Castro in SF


Well, not the real live Dean Phoenix, but we did spot this larger-than-life version last week in San Francisco. And since the On Fire! star and Best Actor nominee failed to show up for the GAYVN Awards (Heartbreaker!), we just had to make due with a big poster. Although our guy Dean lost to Jake Deckard in Grunts, his new movie is still setting box-office records. On Fire! is selling better than any title from Jet Set and its distributor Marina Pacific in the past year. Now, the studio is marking the success of the firehouse epic directed by Chris Steele and Chad Donovan with an official movie Web site. At www.OnFireTheMovie.com, you’ll find the story behind the making of the film, plus lots of free content, including a hard-core trailer, photo galleries, a look at the sexy cast and special offers available only at the site. So check it out, and you’ll be seeing handsome Dean too.

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