February 28, 2008

Movie Review: Playback


Director: Ben Leon.
Cast: Roman Ragazzi, Remy Delaine, Jake Deckard, Dirk Jager, Justin Christopher, Marcos David, Max Blue, Trey Casteel, Barrett Long, Martin Mazza, J. St. Miguel.

In Raging Stallion’s latest two-disc set, Playback, Barrett Long is working the nightshift at a funky warehouse where dudes get it on in front of numerous cameras. Long, looking very grown-up, watches the action and even unleashes his monster cock for a solo jack. But first, Raging Stallion exclusive (and recent GAYVN Performer of the Year) Jake Deckard hooks up with Remy Delaine for an intense scene. These are both men’s men and their play showcases that fact beautifully. They share great deep-throat action, with Deckard making serious love to Delaine’s generous foreskin. The great picture quality captures every detail of this entrancing sequence. But nothing quite matches the look of wide-eyed wonder on Deckard’s face as he is topped by Delaine (after ramming Delaine first). These guys pound each other to a pulp (Deckard even wears knee pads!) and pop major cream. This scene lasts more than 45 minutes, yet the intensity rarely flags as Deckard and Delaine truly connect.

Exclusive Dirk Jager also has a good bond with partner Martin Mazza, as Yager smacks Mazza’s butt and tops it as well. It’s about this time that Long pulls out his Hustler magazine and goes to work on his oversize cock. A stunning cum shot follows. Next, Delaine and Mazza share a threeway with J. St. Miguel. Disc 2 begins with RSS Man of the Year Roman Ragazzi starting his shift at the fuck house. He witnesses the mismatched pairing of young Max Blue with daddy Trey Casteel. Then Marcos David puts the moves on Justin Christopher, and Delaine and Yager return for more fun. The last scene finds watchmen Long and Ragazzi collaborating for one amazing fuck. The wonderfully furry Ragazzi sucks all of Long (an impressive feat) and offers his fine ass. Long pounds away and delivers another gravity-defying money shot.

Director Ben Leon spices up the already hot men and sex with cool editing effects. And while Playback weighs in at a long four hours (plus a Jake Deckard solo scene as a DVD extra), viewers will feel like time has flown. (Raging Stallion Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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