February 19, 2008

Event: More GAYVN Awards Coverage


We continue our coverage of the 10th-Annual GAYVN Awards with more exclusive pictures and dish from the show, which was held last Saturday at the Giftcenter in San Francisco. Sirius Radio personalities Derek and Romaine hosted, filling the big shoes of last year’s host Kathy Griffin (who interestingly booked the Castro Theatre, where the awards took place in 2007, on the same night to perform her comedy act. Our spies tell us that Griffin had faux protesters outside the theater carrying signs that read, “You want an awards show? Suck this!”). The duo decided to answer their very vocal critics (especially the guys at Naked Sword who compared them to potted houseplants) by bringing two actual plants on-stage to start the show. It took the audience a while, but eventually they caught on.

Before that, Lady Bunny performed one of her hysterical song parodies geared especially to the crowd (“All That Jazz” became “All That Jizz”). Later, the NYC drag queen and DJ returned with a string of one-liners that skewered her XXX-rated audience (Sample joke: “I told Michael Lucas to act his age, so he died!”). Chi Chi LaRue, a former host of the show, also took the stage to hype the crowd for the beleaguered new hosts and to ask that the industry come together, even if just for that one night. Overall, Derek and Romaine acquitted themselves nicely, offering up some bitchy barbs and (in the case of Romaine) an intentional nip slip. But when all was said and done, their participation was kept to a minimum and, thanks to some of our fellow judges who rarely stopped yapping throughout the show, we could barely hear the leafy duo!

Some of our favorite moments: the entrance of porn It Couple of the Moment Jesse Santana and Guy Parker, both tan beyond their years and chomping gum in unison; the introduction of Hall of Fame presenter Gino Colbert with his name spelled out on the ass cheeks of Falcon’s exclusive power pair Aden and Jordan Jaric; the well-deserved induction of longtime porn superstar Rod Barry into the GAYVN Hall of Fame; Amazonia: Capture and Release director Dennis Bell mentioning its late star Danny Roddick when he accepted the award for Best Ethnic-Themed Video (Latin); and Grunts’ Chris Ward thanking “all the skinny people who make these movies possible” when he won Best Director with Ben Leon.

However, not everyone was completely satisfied with the results. The morning after the awards, Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas sent out a mass e-mail to GAYVN judges and media wondering why his hit sex comedy The Intern (which was named Best Renting Title of 2007) won four awards but his glossy Gigolo, a more serious bid for award approval, received none. “So what went wrong with Gigolo that it got nothing?” Lucas wrote. “If you praised Gigolo as a groundbreaking film, then acknowledge it. Gigolo is a serious feature that was raved about. The Intern is a cute comedy. What went wrong? Where is the common sense? I want the answers.”

Do you hear that, people? Lucas wants answers! What can we say? There’s nothing like a sore winner.

Seen (from top): Brent Corrigan and Chad Hunt; Titan Media exclusive Dean Flynn; Francesco D’Macho and Matthew Rush; Ridgeline Films founder Jason Ridge; COLT men Ricky Parks and Mitch Branson; The Intern team Tony Dimarco and Michael Lucas; Hall of Famer Lucas Kazan with presenter Gino Colbert; Barrett Long; Dominik Rider; and Lady Bunny down for the count.


Tré Xavier said...

I definitely congratulate Raging Stallion on their wins. Michael Lucas should take Chi Chi LaRue's advice and put his war with Raging Stallion aside for that one night, instead of whining like a narcissistic 5 year-old about "why didn't I win?" He should be proud of his clean sweep at the GayVN's last year, and realize the fact of life that after hitting that kind of high, there's no where else to go but down in one way or another.
As a writer, and someone who sees beneath the surface of things, another part of his tirade could have been because so many awards went to Ben Andrews' idea "The Intern", and none went to his own. It is a shame to learn that his hissy fits are obivously real. But even worst would be to learn that the narcissism he's known for is that out of control.

Ty said...

Who would've guessed that Barrett Long would be the only Pornstar who knew how to put an outfit together without looking uncomfortable?!