February 12, 2008

Movie Review: Uprising


Director: Attila Kiss.
Cast: Johan Reves, Maruis Reves, Mario McGabe, Denis Reed, Gabriel Thorsten, Mark Zebro, Adam Russo, Evan Rochelle, Milan Breze, Johny Linus, Richard Jordan.

The foreign cast of Uprising is in some sort of battle. This period drama features elaborate soldier costumes and horse-and-buggies, but despite the subtitles, the plot remains muddled. Two soldiers start the action by stripping out of their uniforms to suck and fuck in a field. A gang of what look like Amish farmers steal some horses, which makes the soldiers mad. But not mad enough to stop one officer from ordering two smooth cuties to undress and blow each other. A threeway ensues, which gives their foes time to plan a holdup. The farmers kidnap some of the fighters for ransom and throw them in a stall with the horses. And because the guys aren’t exactly bad-looking, why not have sex with them? (Another threeway!) Following a celebration dance by the fire, one captor hooks up with his prisoner in a barn, but the soldier takes advantage of the situation (following some average oral and anal) and escapes—which is how Uprising ends. Oh well, at least the attractive cast keeps things interesting when the story line fails to satisfy. However, because most of the action takes place outdoors, washed-out and faded colors are evident in some scenes while hot spots show up in sunny ones. Fans of foreign fare and Falcon quality won’t care either way. (Falcon International)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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