February 14, 2008

New Release: The F Word

Director Andrew Rosen and Jet Set Men return with the story of a homophobic TV star (Andrew Justice) who angrily calls his co-star (Braxton Bond) a faggot in the makeup room and watches as all hell breaks loose! Jet Set exclusive Jesse Santana plays an aggressive young gossip columnist who is desperately in need of some juicy dirt from his on-set spy (real-life boyfriend Guy Parker). That’s the starting point for this backstage story of love and lust set within the TV industry.

Rosen, who has helmed recent Jet Set hits such as Workload, Code Violators and Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2, says that the Tyler Saint-Matt Majors-Christian Owen threeway is a highlight. “The scene with Tyler, Matt and Christian is explosive and really anchors not only the story of the movie, but all the actions scenes, too.”

Adds Jet Set head of production Chris Steele, “The F Word adds yet another winner to the Jet Set Men line. It’s fun. It’s topical. And it’s hot!”

Starring Andrew Justice, Braxton Bond, Christian Owen, Cole Ryan, Guy Parker, Jason White, Jesse Santana, Matt Majors and Tyler Saint. For more information, visit www.JetSetMen.com.


Anonymous said...

who's that cutie pie being kissed on the top picture, he looks divine

Vincent Lambert said...

That’s Jason White, who just won Best Threesome for Just Add Water. Very cute indeed.