February 27, 2008

News: Aaron James MTV Special to Air Tonight

Jet Set Men has announced that its exclusive star Aaron James will be profiled tonight on a new episode of the MTV reality series True Life. The segment, titled “I Work in the Sex Industry,” focuses on James and two other young people who work in the porn industry. An MTV crew has been following the 23-year-old star for months as he traveled the country in his new career, and the episode is expected to explore James’s entry into the adult industry and his frank discussions with surprised family members about his decision to become a porn star. Also likely to be included is footage of James’s appearance in Jet Set’s latest hit On Fire!, as well as a look behind the scenes of his starring role in Jet Set’s upcoming release, Hollywood Sex Club. (James is currently at work on director Chris Steele’s latest film, Ass Cruisin’, in which he hits the streets of Los Angeles in search of the hottest asses in town.) The True Life episode begins airing tonight at 11 pm ET on MTV with multiple repeat airings throughout the month.

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