June 20, 2008

Movie Review: Summer Encounters


Director: Richie Oldmann.
Cast: George Kovar, Mark Laurent, Marco Mark, David Novotny, Jay Roberts, Adam Rush, Felix Slovacek, Vlad Smeshnoi, Micky Sokol.

Two groups of friends wander into the woods and end up having threeways with one another (how convenient!) in Titan Media’s new Summer Encounters. This latest entry in the TitanMen Fresh line continues to deliver sexy models and inspired action. Although the studs speak in a foreign tongue (no subtitles), we get the idea when Marco Mark and Felix Slovacek set up a tent in the wilderness and proceed to find Jay Roberts, who is roaming around with a map after being separated from his buds. There is some great cocksucking among the three, which leads to a round of cum shots followed by some solid fucking. Then there are more pop shots, all captured in classic slow-motion porn style. Sweet!

The second threeway follows suit as the other set of friends (Vlad Smeshnoi, Adam Rush and Micky Sokol) do pretty much the same things. Sokol is an eager cocksucker and a real moaner to boot. Eventually, in the fucking sequence, he turns into a screamer! The models all seem to be into the sex and one another, although we think we detected some of that annoying fake moaning these foreign productions are known for.

The final threeway features hunky cyclist David Novotny being seduced by fun couple George Kovar and Mark Laurent (who is a Jeremy Jordan look-alike). Novotny has a great body, but he seems nervous and confused as the action start. Soon enough he gets more comfortable and ends up bottoming nicely for both. This scene ends the movie on a high note. Great production values and picture quality add to the overall package. Fans of foreign product will want to get lost in the woods with this new crew. (Titan Media)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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