June 23, 2008

News: Gamon Walker Debuts at Cockyboys.com

Now that the guys at Cockyboys.com have recovered from their bicoastal Gay Pride celebrations, they have announced the signing of newcomer Gamon Walker to an exclusive contract. A blond-haired, blue-eyed boy-next-door type with an edge (check out those tummy tats), Walker is making his debut in a new scene currently up at Cockyboys.com.

“He’s unique, has major sex appeal, a ripped body and a real desire to be a professional,” says site founder Kyle Majors of Walker. “He has never done porn before but takes it seriously and wants to do it right. He’s a great addition to the Cockyboy’s lineup. Gamon has mass appeal, and we are happy he is working with us his first time out.” For more information, visit Cockyboys.com.


Anonymous said...

hot sexy piece of meat

JG said...

Gamon is so hot !!

Mogul Mind said...

I used to talk to Walker years ago on Rate My Body. I have tons of pics saved of him from back then.