September 3, 2010

Seen: Randy Blue Models at Splash in NYC

Well, kids, Labor Day is upon us, so as we (unofficially) kiss summer goodbye (or if you’re a New Yorker, good riddance!), we decided to post these pics that have been languishing in our camera since Gay Pride. As those with long memories might recall, the good men of Randy Blue hosted a brunch at Elmo in Chelsea and graced a float in the Gay Pride March last June. They also took over the dance floor at Splash to entertain masses of mouth-breathing tourists. Hey, it’s a tough job! Here are a few of the sexy studs who added to our sweatiness this long, hot summer. Seen (from top): Nicco Sky; Dominic Brown; Reese Rideout; Trent Davis, Brett Swanson and Sky. Have a happy, you guys!

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