September 10, 2010

Press: Vince’s Guest Spot on Cock2Go Show

In case you missed it, journalist Vincent Lambert was a recent guest on the Cock2Go Show. This online radio broadcast is a kooky all-access pass to the latest gay porn news, gay news in the media and any other weird news that makes humorous host Jayson say WTF? Now, the original episode is available in the archives of the RadioDentata Web site, so you can hear Vince share all the details of how he broke the Robert Van Damme arrest story, who his favorite porn stars are (hint: one is named Dean) and exactly where the porn industry is headed in this newfangled age of new media. To listen, click here. And if you like what you hear, then listen up. Vince has also been booked as a guest on The Alternative with host Terry LeGrand. His appearance will air Sunday, October 3, at 6 pm PT on The subject matter? Your guess is as good as Vince’s, but one never knows what topics might, er, pop up. So be sure to tune in. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you!

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