October 21, 2010

Fresh Face: Marc Vallint in Hard Wood

So he ain’t exactly a spring chicken, but studly Marc Vallint is new to us. That’s why we’re dubbing him a “fresh face.” This beefy, shaved-headed hunk is featured in COLT’s new release, Hard Wood. Vallint and scene partner Ethan Hudson engage in an intense session with lots of kissing, groping and flexing. Hudson services every inch of Marc’s hard, muscled body. Vallint reciprocates by going down on Ethan’s throbbing knob before eating his tight, sweet butt. Soon, he’s using his big uncut piece for a good ramming on a rock. In the end, Vallint pops a major load before Hudson straddles his face to deliver his own jizz on that perfect hairy chest. Outdoor sex rules! To view the trailer, click here. For more information, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.

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