November 17, 2010

News: Maverick Men Release New Book

These guys are hot! Maybe you’ve seen them in one of their infamous XTube videos (they have 80 million hits). Or visited their popular Web site (which has experienced a 500 percent increase in traffic since its launch last July). Now Cole and Hunter are getting literate with a new book, Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos (inGroup Press). The true story behind this sexy couple is that they have been together for more than 10 years and play (well) with others only on camera. Lucky for their fans! Together, the self-described “alpha-male tops” do all their own filming and editing. And the bottoms guys they hook up with are followers of their work whom they meet in their many travels (we almost got to interview the pair last summer in Provincetown but sadly missed them). Which is exactly what their book—available now via Amazon, e-book and in stores nationwide—is about. In it, the duo recounts how they met, fell in lust and got a shit-ton of dudes to jerk off to them and their playmates online. In the future, the manly Maverick Men hope to compile their scenes on DVD and are currently working on a distribution deal. We’ll be watching…and reading.

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