November 11, 2010

Event: LI Film Festival to Honor Joe Gage

One of gay porn’s legendary auteurs is being honored this weekend in New York. Director Joe Gage will be feted at the Long Island Film Festival this Sunday, November 14, for An Evening With Joe Gage, Revolutionary Filmmaker. He, along with special guest porn star Bryan Slater (pictured above in his new Titan Media release, Swelter), will take part in a screening of Gage’s 1979 film classic L.A. Tool & Die (which was also given the theatrical treatment last summer in Los Angeles), plus an interview, Q&A session and reception. The movie was the concluding chapter of Gage’s groundbreaking “Working Man” trilogy, which also included Kansas City Trucking Co. and El Paso Wrecking Corp. The film fest program notes: “Sometimes disturbing, often exuberant, [Gage’s films] are ultimately liberating works that proclaim the humanity of men determined to live their lives despite the hostility of a society that will not even let them breathe.” Funny how some things stay the same—plus, what’s more timeless than the sight of the gloriously bearded man stud Richard Locke doing what he did best? The event will take place at 6:30 pm at the Cinema Arts Centre (423 Park Avenue) in Huntington, New York. For more information, visit

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Anonymous said...

Bryan Slater is the guy who's known as "Perfect Penis Man".