February 13, 2012

News: RSS Signs Newcomer Derek Parker

Manly Derek Parker is the latest stud to sign a long-term exclusive contract with Raging Stallion Studios. The furry, bearded and tattooed newbie was recently discovered and signed after he shot his first scene, which will appear in the soon-to-be-released Fucked Up. Parker was part of a six-man orgy directed by company president Chris Ward. “Derek is the embodiment of Raging Stallion—beefy, edgy and rugged,” Ward says. “He fits the bill exactly—great body, handsome face and just the right amount of roughness and toughness. On top of that, he’s a versatile and intense performer who will charm the pants off our fans, literally. We’re excited to get him scheduled for more upcoming projects.”

Derek appears in two scenes in Fucked Up (due out March 30) and has shot two more that will be seen in currently untitled RSS productions. “When I started considering doing porn, I only wanted to work with a major studio,” Parker says. “A friend of mine who has worked with Raging Stallion helped me get a meeting there, and everything fell into place. They are working with a lot of guys that I find really hot, and the whole team made me feel welcome and excited, especially Chris Ward and Steve Cruz, who made me feel right at home and helped me deliver my best.” For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

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