May 2, 2007

Movie Review: Street Rulz


Director: Landon.
Cast: Tony, Lane, Brennan, Ty, Dalton, Turk, Others.

Young skater boys rule in Street Rulz. There are also a couple of surfer dudes, although there isn’t an ocean in sight. Instead, we get four sexy scenes featuring smooth, tattooed, pierced guys—the kind you might find cruising the streets of any California town. Cuties Tony and Lane first appear on the Los Angeles subway (must be tourists!), where they get off at Hollywood and Vine. Guess the sights don’t interest them all that much because they are soon getting off back home. They trade BJs before Lane plants his tattooed cock (ouch!) deep inside Tony. The penetration shots are first-rate in this scene, as are the cum shots. The action in the rest of the movie pretty much follows suit—hot young guys sucking and fucking. The hands-down highlight, though, is adorable Dalton and Turk, who are both especially buff and well hung. It’s revealed in the Behind the Scene extras that they are a real-life couple, which might explain their great on-screen chemistry and the fact that they appear to actually be having fun! Also having fun, the duo in the final scene who eat pizza and play video games before they do their thing. This little touch adds to the realism of their scenario. Overall, picture quality is good, and the grainy footage and colored stock used to tie the scenes together add an edgy quality befitting the newbie cast. (Boyride Films)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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