May 9, 2007

News: RSS Comments on Roman Ragazzi Scandal


Following his outing on Page Six of the New York Post, Raging Stallion exclusive Roman Ragazzi has issued a statement through the studio. In a press release, the company says that Ragazzi was “unshaken by the news” of his resignation from the Israeli consulate in New York City and is “eager to get fully behind” his new career in porn.

His first film is Collin O’Neal’s Miami, due out on May 11. His second feature, and first for Raging Stallion, is Michael Brandon’s Tailpipes, which is scheduled for a June 15 release. Ragazzi will also star in Chris Ward’s military epic, Grunts, which is set for filming this summer. Ragazzi is also slated to appear at IML in Chicago later this month and at San Francisco’s Gay Pride in June.

“Roman is really in the hot seat right now,” says Ward, president of Raging Stallion Studios. “He is getting lots of mainstream media exposure, which is almost all negative. There is a great deal of pornophobia and homophobia in the reporting. I am proud of Roman for standing up for his own sexual identity. He is a proud, sex-positive gay man who has earned my respect and admiration. On the upside for Roman, he will make a lot more money working for us than he did for the consulate!”

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Anonymous said...

He may make more money, but will he make more of a difference in the world? It's too bad he had to resign for posing for a few pictures...