May 31, 2007

Movie Review: Undressed Rehearsals, Part One


Director: Marty Stevens.
Cast: Sebastian Bonnet, Joel D’amici, Josh Elliot, Pascal Etty, Luke Hamill, Tim Hamilton, Roman Chaykin, Davy Paxton, Bolek Polanski, Oleg Tarkowski, Marc Vidal.

The Bel Ami guys are busy jetting around the world, shooting movies and having fun. Sometimes, though, they need to kick back, relax and have some recreational sex. Undressed Rehearsals, Part One takes viewers behind the scenes of a few movies that were shot three or four years ago. We travel to South Africa, Greece and Brazil with the crew and discover in six scenes what really went on when the cameras stopped rolling (and a different set of cameras started!). Roman Chaykin and Oleg Tarkowski were filming Out of Africa in 2004 when they met up for their lighthearted session with director Marty Stevens. They tease and play, suck and fuck. Roman even jumps up to pee in the middle of it all. Guess that’s what makes it a “private affair,” as the box promises. Tim Hamilton and Luke Hamill sunbathe at the beach then retire to a plush sofa so Hamill can “experience live” what he has already seen Hamilton do onscreen. Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal tell the cameraman they have something “interesting” to show him, and they deliver with some great 69 action. Vidal rides Elliot like a cowboy until they both explode. Bolek Polanski and Davy Paxton hit the showers for a sexy massage, while Hamill returns for a sweet wrestling match with Pascal Etty. Finally, Sebastian Bonnet flashes his gorgeous smile for Joel D’amici in a hot tub romp that leads to a sunlit shower BJ and more. Beautiful models and photography abound here, as usual. Nice sets and glamorous locales only add to the overall high quality. The picture looks great, and every foreskin and freckle are lovingly captured. Director Stevens, along with producer George Duroy, know how to put on a show, even when the players are supposedly off the clock—and cock! (Bel Ami)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

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