May 19, 2007

New Release: Roid Rage

Raging Stallion Studios in association with JD Slater’s Centurion Pictures XXX presents the latest evolution in massive macho muscle madness. For this journey to the outer limits of sexual excess, Slater recruited Raging Stallion Man of the Year Jake Deckard as his co-director and tour guide through the landscape of debauchery. Together these giants of sex and sin have produced a monument to the sheer power of animalistic erotic energy. They searched the planet for the perfect cast, then draped them like great art across the backdrop of a forgotten wet dream. Starring Xerxes, Huessein, Trojan Rock, Piero Sias, Hank Dutch, Brock Hatcher, Brendan Davies, Trey Casteel and Shane Alexander. For more information, visit

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