January 10, 2009

Movie Review: Flip This!


Michael Lucas and Mr. Pam.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Jason Crew, Nick Capra, Issac Conn, Jacob Samson, Raul San Miguel, Danny Delta, Jason Sparks.

Michael Lucas and his crew leave New York and head to Atlanta for some real estate drama in Flip This! Maybe they’re hoping that the market is better down south? Lucas plays a horny realtor who is trying to sell a house with a swimming pool, but when sexy Nick Capra arrives to see the place, Lucas gets distracted and ends up banging Capra in the shower. There are some nice moments (kissing, rubbing cocks), but Capra’s soft dick and delayed pop shot lead us to believe all might not have been well in this scene. Next, cuties Jason Crew and Issac Conn sneak into the backyard to get busy in the pool. They suck and eat ass, and these troupers continue to screw even when a torrential rainstorm hits.

Another realtor (Jacob Samson) shows up with a potential buyer (Raul San Miguel), and they’re playing with dildoes in the kitchen when Lucas surprises them and joins in the fun. In fact, he winds up dominating the action and upstaging Samson as a top! Lucas returns for another scene with Danny Delta, who is dressed as a priest for some reason. Lucas lures him to the garage, where he prods him with a dildo and both get into toe-sucking and cock-sucking. Of course, Lucas tops and then feeds Delta his own load. (In the DVD extras, he also splits his young ass with a banana, among other big things!) Samson returns for the final scene, and he is given much better treatment, as he fucks Jason Sparks and delivers an oral load. A fun plot twist from screenwriter (and co-director) Mr. Pam ties it all together in a witty way, but sound problems mar the production. Additional DVD extras include enough watersports to make fans wet themselves! (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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