January 29, 2009

Movie Review: Tropical Men


Director: Paulo Desanto.
Cast: Adan, Alber Charles, Alex Junior, Andre Werneck, Apollo Max, Dennys, Felix Stulbach, Lucas, Lucas Leal, Poax, Rick.

The attractive cast of Tropical Men has an unusual form of foreplay. Before the handsome Brazilian studs get down and dirty, they dance around, caress their bodies and primp and pose for the camera. In some scenes, this odd cavorting goes on for up to 15 minutes before any sex happens, which is about 14 minutes too long. The first scene takes place in a gorgeous setting on the water as two exotic-looking models get nasty on a boat. There’s lots of wet sucking and strenuous fucking before the top unloads—but the bottom doesn’t. Selfish fucker! Next, two queens sweat it out in silly rubber outfits, complete with spiked collars and leopard jockstraps, before the chunky bottom rides the top and takes his load on his chest. A cutie in a wet suit does a provocative striptease and then has a threeway, again on a boat, in the next scene. These three guys look awkward and uncomfortable, but they do manage to get off. The final two scenes take place on the beach as hung sunbathers rub each other with lotion before rubbing one out. Overall, the picture quality and locations are superior, but director Paulo Desanto often misses the action due to poor camera placement and a good editor might have helped by cutting out most of that interminable preening and posing. (Maximus)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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