January 5, 2009

Short Takes: Barrett Gets Wild…and More

Porn star Barrett Long is starting the new year with a bang, announcing his latest release, XXX Amateur Hour, Volume 6. Starring Long and Kurt Wild (above), the DVD features three full scenes, including a locker-room sequence in which the young Wild (so wrongly fired by Subway sandwich chain) gives foot-long Long a run for his money. Also featured are newcomer Rocco (in a solo) and Eddie Diaz (also on the bottom for Long). For more, visit xxxAmateurHour.com.…One screen stud has decided it’s time for a change in 2009. Columnist Mark Adams of VideoView.com is reporting that Jordan Jaric, one half of Falcon’s sexy exclusive couple, has gotten a nose job. The Jarics are not denying the cosmetic beak tweak and hubbie Aden told Adams, “Of course [Jordan] got a nose job. It’s been planned for a long time. He has wanted it since he was 12. It’s still in the healing process.” Ouch—and could Jordan really be any better-looking?…Speaking of change: Is someone having a bad hair day? Or year? We really do like Pierre Fitch (even though his blog is a snore), but when we caught a glimpse of his new haircut (below), we just had to wonder what the hell he was thinking. Sure, this Canadian cutie’s muscular build and hot tats make up for a lot, but really, could anyone make this style look good?


F6's Editor said...

its like henati but in your hair pretty cool I think and if anybody can get away with it, it would be PF.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered there's little to like about Pierre Fitch. He is a drunken racist pig. You need to chekc this out: