February 26, 2009

Guy Candy: Travis Creston

Who’s that guy? That’s what we were wondering when we saw this pic taken by our friends at WilsonModels.com at some World AIDS Day event or other. We learned that the hairy stud in question is named Travis Creston. He was Mr. San Francisco Leather 2007. Anyone heard of him? Has he done porn? Does he want to!? Is he single? His flickr page has some butt shots taken by Titan Media mogul Brian Mills, so that’s a good sign. Travis, phone homo.



travis is san francisco's hottest gogo god and my friend. he has not done porn. its not his thing. he is however one of the best dancers i have ever met. he honored me by appearing and dancing at the inaugural Official NYC Gogo Idol Contest at The Monster. Is he single? Well, we celebrities don't like to speak about our private lives! LOL!

Travis Creston said...

Wow...what a sweet write up, from both you, Vince, and Mikey! This shot was from a Monday Night at Wolf Bar in Chelsea. I was "working" the crowd to raise money for 3 Aids Organizations.
Currently, I live in SF...so, I'm not in the NYC scene, that often. Butt...hopefully you'll see more of me in the future.
As for porn? Well, I live in SF, I'm surrounded by the porn industry; and as "sex-positive" as I am, I'm not really interested in memoralizing my image fucking in front of a camera. I rather like not being available to "rent" at the local video store, or from "pay per view". Again...thanks for the sweet words. That's really really cool.
I have to give a shout out to Jeff Wilson of Wilson Models too...the photographer for this one and SUCH a great guy!
From the Best Coast!
Travis Creston
Mr SF Leather 2007