February 23, 2009

Short Takes: Jarics Land New Cover…and More

Falcon exclusive couple Aden and Jordan Jaric have snagged the cover of the 2009 edition of the Spartacus gay travel guide. The fun pair has appeared in the films Endless Crush, Best Men and Malibu Heat. “We’re really honored to be featured on the cover of Spartacus and hope to travel abroad this year to help promote the publication,” the Jarics said in a joint statement. The 38th edition of the Spartacus International Gay Guide is available at tlavideo.com.…Porn star Nickolay Petrov has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. The star of films such as Code Violators and Just Add Water was convicted for attacking an elderly couple multiple times. Petrov was sentenced in Tampa. His lawyer said that the onetime Jet Set Men exclusive, who is an Armenian native, will be deported once he has served his sentence.…Before Chris Steele became the head honcho at Jet Set Men, he worked his way into the porn industry as a model in the late ’90s. Who can forget his stunning debut in Uncle Jack? Studio 2000, where he did much of his early work as an exclusive, has put together a compilation disc, Chris Steele Superstar, featuring nine of his best scenes. There’s also a new audio commentary and interview with Steele, and some lost footage, including a live appearance at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Franciso and his audition j/o. Studio 2000 has also given similar treatment to DC Chandler, one of our big-dicked favorites from the past. For more information, visit studio2000video.com.

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