February 27, 2009

Movie Review: Auditions, Volume 22


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Ben Andrews, Wolf Hudson, Masceo, Will, Ryan Kane, Panther Mitchell, Uncle Luc, Miguel R., Jason Taurus, Iraq.

Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews puts in an appearance in Auditions 22, although the superstar is far from auditioning. He looks decidedly unglam (shaggy hair, unshaven) in his performance with supposed straightster Wolf Hudson, but he still has that huge cock. Michael Lucas also jumps into a scene with Jason Taurus and handsome Iraq (who confesses that he named himself after his dog). Besides the star power Andrews and Lucas bring, the rest is newcomer business as usual.

Big-dicked Masceo and cutie Will suck, ride a double-headed dildo and flip-flop fuck (after Lucas gives them his customary pre-scene grilling and Will answers his question about whether it’s “fun to work in the emergency room” with a straight face). They even eat ass after both admit that it’s not a favorite activity. Men of color Ryan Kane and Panther Mitchell show off their hot bods, and Kane tops then cums on the initially reserved Mitchell’s face and mouth. Uncle Luc and Miguel are both from Miami, and Miguel seems nervous at first, but he warms up enough to ride Luc’s pinga and take an oral pop shot.

But Andrews’ scene with Hudson delivers the most heat, mostly because Big Ben knows how to fuck for the camera. Old pro Lucas also helps the pairing of Taurus and Iraq, forcing a dildo up Taurus’s ass before he impales him on the real thing. There is some poor sound and lighting quality here, which is surprising as Lucas is such a stickler for the details, but the amateur feel makes it forgivable. At least the always-political director manages to get in his views on homophobic rap-music lyrics. With the opinionated Lucas, some things are a given. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)


Pornus Addictus said...

don't agree with ur review, Hudson and his chap are utterly boring, in fact according to my taste the worst scene in the otherwise fine dvd. The movie is one of the better ML auditions, just watch the last scene with that HOT HUNK (iraq or something) that scene alone is worth the dvd and became one of my desert island porn moments

jmk53 said...

These audition vids might be okay if Michael Lucas would shut up. He ends up answering his own questions and doing all the talking instead of letting the guys talk. I haven't ordered any of the latest auditions vids because of it. Maybe he's changed? LOL

Anonymous said...

well, u can always skips the ML gibberish, the sex in this video is great and like pornus i'm absolutely taken with some of the latino guys and that hunky, sexy, hot Iraq guy