February 20, 2009

News: Raging Stallion Merges With NakedSword

Raging Stallion Studios has announced the completion of a merger with AEBN/NakedSword, a combination that joins one of the leading gay porn production companies with the top VOD force in the industry. Raging Stallion’s sister company, Pistol Media, is also part of the merger, making for what is the largest consolidation of gay companies to date.

“We have been negotiating the terms of this merger for some time,” RSS president Chris Ward says. “It has been a long courtship, but over this extended period we learned that we work together very well and that we all contribute different assets that together form a very powerful team. We look forward to working with the AEBN team and being part of an amazing new company. We are excited about taking Raging Stallion to the next level!”

Raging Stallion, which swept the GAYVN Awards last year with the military epic Grunts and is nominated for numerous awards this year for the Western To the Last Man, will continue to produce films as it always has. Expansion plans include increasing operations at the AEBN offices in Argentina and producing more content for the AEBN and NakedSword networks.

For more information, visit ragingstallion.com.

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