February 6, 2009

Movie Review: Hot Shots


Director: Richie Oldmann.
Cast: David Vanek, Eric Tomfor, Ivan Pesko, Matej Radovan, Max Fonda, Ramon Feders, Simon Dusek, Valentin Skala.

A group of Euro twinks gets frisky at an empty nightclub in Hot Shots. Director Richie Oldmann lets the scenarios speak for themselves as there is no dialogue or character development. In the first scene, two uncut hotties (Ivan Pesko and Matej Radovan) simply enter the club and start sucking. A third stud (Simon Dusek) joins them and they all go to town. There are sloppy blowjobs and slow-motion cum shots before the fucking ensues, then more cum shots, all on an appreciative Radovan. The second scene follows a similar setup, with muscular Eric Tomfor cruising bottom boy Valentin Skala. There is an overly long oral sequence here, but the guys seem to enjoy it. Picture quality gets a bit murky for the anal segment, but the performers are so into it, viewers probably won’t care. The final scene is another threeway, with Max Fonda working it as top guy. Again, there are two rounds of cum shots, and the action is viewed from multiple angles, which keeps things interesting. The fake moaning is kept to a minimum, and viewers might find themselves taking a hot shot as well. (Titan Media/TitanMen Fresh)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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