June 12, 2007

Movie Review: How to Seduce a Straight Man


Director: Jett Blakk.
Cast: Jordan Vaughn, RC Ryan, Adam Faust, Zackary Pierce, Brett Mathews, Christian Owen, Nick Capra, Aaron Archer.

Red Devil Entertainment and Jett Blakk give lessons to those who are interested in How to Seduce a Straight Man. In four clever scenes, the writer/director offers such helpful tips as: “Tell them stories to get them horny.” Which is exactly the premise of “The Hot Tub,” the first scene in the movie. Beefy Nick Capra entices newcomer Aaron Archer with the tale of a horny bellhop. This seems to do the trick, because Archer is soon diving deep to suck his first cock. Some good underwater photography (by Drew Warner) is the highlight of this scene. Eventually Capra tops the supposedly straight but very willing Archer, who jacks to completion. In “Six Beers,” RC Ryan gets dumped by his girlfriend and Adam Faust is only too happy to comfort him—with a blowjob. Ryan is just drunk enough to pound the bearded Faust and spew on his balls. “The Drive-in” features muscular cover model Jordan Vaughn, who is duped by a superblond Christian Owen into trading oral and then fucking. (Owens also pulls a sly Justin Timberlake–esque dick-in-the-popcorn-box gag. Tasty!) But the final scene, “The Hitchhiker,” has the best setup and delivery. Hairy Brett Mathews picks up Carson Daly look-alike Zackary Pierce on a country road and somehow winds up doing the tango with him on a beach at sunset. This is a charming scene (the DVD extras show us the cuties as they rehearse), and dancer Mathews even choreographed their sexy moves. Once in bed, the guys shyly start to play and Blakk builds the sexual tension between them. By the time Pierce tentatively tries out Mathews’ piece, you’ll be cheering for the pink team. The lighting is moody and sensual, and the performances are both believable and hot. Picture quality is good throughout, and the whole effort will entertain viewers—and maybe even teach them a thing or two. (Red Devil Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

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