June 4, 2007

News: Mark Meets Zeb Released

Marina Pacific has released the much-anticipated Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step, and it is now being sold exclusively through TLA Video. According to agent David Forest, “Everyone needs to get a copy of the movie, then do a critique of what you see. If things do as well as I think they’re going to—and the sales are strong on this first one—I think Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton will step things up and go to the next level of XXX action in a second one (just my honest feeling, there are no set-in-stone plans). The guys wanted to see how folks responded, sales-wise, to this debut project.” The movie is currently No. 1 on the TLA sales charts.

A rep for Marina Pacific, which signed a three-picture deal with Atlas earlier this year, tells VincentLambert.com that there is “touching“ between the models and a sexy shower scene. The bodybuilding icons also pump up and pose for each other and do lots of muscle-worshipping. But the only sex is solo…for this movie anyway. Stay tuned, guys.

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