June 5, 2007

Movie Review: In His Dreams


Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Johnny Hazzard, Chad Savage, Jan Fischer, Luca Di Corso, Trent Atkins, Eddie Diaz, Tory Mason, Emilio Sands, T.J. Young.

Dreamy Johnny Hazzard is taking a nap, and we get to watch. It’s a very long nap, about two hours. But In His Dreams is more exciting than it sounds. Mostly because we don’t get stuck watching the handsome Rascal exclusive drool and snore; instead we get to see his sexy (and surprisingly arty) dreams. First, Hazzard conjures a hairy (but trimmed) Luca Di Corso having some fun with lithe Eddie Diaz. This pair is beautifully photographed on a cool austere set—and the sex is good too. They suck and fuck and shoot on each other. But Johnny continues his REM cycle and brings together twink T.J. Young (creative name, guys!) and All Worlds exclusive Chad Savage on a lovely green sofa. Savage is gorgeous and built and seems to enjoy topping newbie Young, who manages to produce a gravity-defying cum shot for his debut. Nice job! Next, a trio of studs work it out in a very red room. Dark and wiry Emilio Sands and cute blondie Tory Mason play a game of dueling six-packs and Rascal exclusive Jan Fischer gets to lick them both. These young guys have lots of energy and take turns switching off. Johnny finally gets himself in on the action in the last scene. A beefy Trent Atkins crawls under Hazzard’s sheets for some deep-throating. Johnny eats ass and pounds Atkins before delivering an amazing pop shot. Hey, you don’t get on box covers for nothing! Hazzard and his Dreams are expertly lit and shot. The music is moody and just right. Director Chi Chi LaRue (who is seen in boy drag in a Behind the Scenes DVD extra) achieves a sleek high-tech feel without sacrificing the grit and pure emotion of real sex. Great picture quality only adds to the package. This one’s a dream! (Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

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that scene with eddie diaz: pure gold