June 20, 2007

News: Mark Dalton Back Behind Bars

According to talent agent David Forest, his star client Mark Dalton is being held in custody tonight by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice due to an “altercation” he had on May 31. No decision has been made yet on his future parole status. Forest says that they temporarily “stopped” Dalton’s parole because he had a “run-in” with police that involved two misdemeanors (rumored to be assault/family violence and interference with a 911 call). However, at this time, he has not been charged with anything but is incarcerated at the Denton County Jail.

“There’s really no telling how long he’ll have to wait to see if charges are going to be filed,” says Forest. “If they are, then he’ll stay behind bars until the case is completed. Then he’ll go before the parole board and they’ll decide whether he’ll be charged with a parole violation (and be returned to prison) or be continued on parole (and not put back in prison).”

Forest adds that Dalton was looking forward to this Saturday’s appearances in Houston with his Texas Two-Step co-star Zeb Atlas at the Pride Parade and South Beach Nightclub.