December 20, 2007

Movie Review: Collin O’Neal’s Spain


Director: Collin O’Neal.
Cast: Robert Brankov, Lucas Andradez, Collin O’Neal, Aitor Crash, Dennis D’Nello, Igor Bad, Daniel, Fabio, Leo Rocca, Pablo Santana, Tito.

Collin O’Neal takes his World of Men series to Spain for five sexy scenes (and one bonus). The opening finds hirsute hunk O’Neal lost on the streets and seeking help from Lucas Andradez, who ends up sharing more than directions. The studs retire to a hotel where they do lots of passionate kissing and sucking. O’Neal tops like the pro he is, showing off his manly body and far-and-wide cum shot. Next, couple Dennis D’Nello and Aitor Crash welcome Igor Bad to their apartment for a threeway. This sequence starts in a brightly lit white room then, for some reason, crosses over to the dark side when the models retreat to a black room with minimal lighting. Shadows and grainy picture detract from the scene, although the sexual energy is maintained and the models achieve a difficult-to-execute double fuck. Daniel and Fabio are two cuties on a rooftop who engage in some of the usual oral and anal, though sexual chemistry is clearly lacking in their joyless pairing. Hairy daddy Leo Rocca obviously knows better, and his rimming of Pablo Santana is expert. Together, they also do some flip-flop fucking, which highlights both of their skills. O’Neal returns to top Robert Brankov and his sweet ass in the final scene. The guys walk along a path in the woods and stop to play. The beautifully hairy O’Neal contrasts perfectly with the smooth-as-silk Brankov, who pumps out a nice load while bottoming. The colors in this outdoor scene are faded and washed-out, but the action between the models makes up for it. As a director, O’Neal keeps the action moving along, although a couple of the scenes could be shorter. And while he tries to introduce a diverse group of new models in this series, he often ends up being the hottest guy on board. (Collin O’Neal Productions/Raging Stallion Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)


ricci said...

looks like a must-have film, hopefully it's a bit better than his previous movies with better i mean real men who ar einto it and not just hetero's who're doing it for an extra buck or two and that SHOWS and turns me off completely

ricci said...

just bought myself the movie and i'm not too happy with it except for one hot scene. Mind you several of the latino guys are just awesome to look at, they can bottom as the best but it's all rather done in a patchwork way and not too professional. Moreover lots of the camerawork is so damn amateuristic that you think it's a straight guy filming or at least someone who wants to fuck up the scene on screen. There's one scene though filmed in a sort of basement with a skinny yet tight body hot twink who's having the time of his life. He's an absolute great find and has everything to be a major player in the porn scene.
Colin O'Neal (sp?) has great looks and sex skills but they don't show anymore. His face doesn't show any reaction at all as if he's always in a bad mood nor in a good one by the way. It's so damn neutral! This guy is so talented to make sex scenes work but they didn't in this movie in spite of the three good-looking partners he could play with. But he didn't play; it was meer technique, there was no enjoyment not even faked.
All the ingredients were available to make this a top movie but the soup they made fom it is only partially enjoyable. This line of movies is indeed giving the impresion they just serve to subsidize mr o'neal's travels and i don't even mind that but PLEASE bring the fun over and by fun i mean the guys and not a few touristic shots NOBODY is interested in. But yes there's one magnificent scene in it but it's not one with o'neal (and don't get me wrong i was a fan of him, in a way i'm still) but with a twinkie who came out of the middle of nowhere but who knows what gay sex is all about and it showed. Bravo to him, moderate applause to one boo to the others...