December 13, 2007

Movie Review: Tropical Sensations


Director: Cristian Ferrero.
Cast: Kaio de Castro, Rico Puentes, Felix Stulback, Junior Carioca, Adam Persio, Kaua Riberio, Leo dos Passos, Thiago Pavanello, Kaua Canalta, Victor Martin, Andre Dumont, Rick.

The men of Tropical Sensations are preparing for one hell of a party. They’re decorating a lovely outdoor patio with flowers and balloons and creating a gorgeous fruit centerpiece. In fact, the food styling and sumptuous close-ups of dripping watermelon are so good here that viewers might find themselves drooling before the first uncut cock appears! Leo dos Passos and Adam Persio are horny caterers who take a break to feed each other some dick. They end up fucking on a table, but at least they fix the linens when they’re done. Bouncer Junior Carioca shows up to check on security for the bash and ends up stealing the movie. This built black stud is generously hung and makes a big impression in his pairing with Kaua Riberio, who rides Carioca like a champ. Throw in a verbal bartender top and a couple of randy guests who get busy in the pool house and you’ve got a good time for all. Picture quality is fine, with mostly vivid colors. One quibble: At many points, there is no sound or just annoying music and what appears to be some poor dubbing of moans and groans—not very sexy, but the foreign cast makes up for it. Party on! (Icaro Studios/Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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